Aug 27, 2009



Bellevue Cosmetic Dentists, Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Patricia Pauley, were featured recently on the cover photo and in a six-page article in the national magazine "DOCTOR OF DENTISTRY'. Following is a summary of that article which appeared in Seattle/Western Washington Edition of the magazine.

The Bellevue Dentist team at Brookside Dental is a rare family-run practice dedicated to general and cosmetic dentistry and to meeting the needs of every patient with genuine care and excellence. Dr Patricia Pauley and her daughter, Dr Cynthia Pauley, are the only mother-and-daughter dentist team in the Pacific Northwest. These ladies offer more than excellent dentistry, because they provide a level of service and genuineness that makes patients want to visit more frequently.


This Bellevue Dentist team began back in 1974, when Dr Pat, who was a school teacher, was accepted into the University of Washington Dental School, which was the second year that women were taken into the program. After graduation, she ventured out on her own near Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, Washington. Later she changed to her current location when her daughter, Dr Cindy, was nearing graduation from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. "We hired an architect and remodeled our office to accommodate two dentists. Since then, we've remodeled the office three times with both patient and staff comfort in mind." An integral part of the team is Dr Gil Pauley, who is Dr Pat's husband. After he retired from the University of Washington, he joined the dental office "just to be helpful, here and there." Ten years later, he does the office management and operations--from website enhancement to patient photography, screening new job candidates to managing health and retirement plans, which is part of the success seen at the Pauley Family Bellevue Dentists Office. Dr Cindy says of her father, "I used to think that some of the technology and updates he brought to the office were excessive. Now, I can't imagine our office without all he's implemented." The next hardworking Dr Pauley at Brookside Dental is Dr Cindy Pauley, whose demanding schedule rivals her parents. She's been married to Dr Brian Cave for nine years. He is a dentist that has his own practice in Edmonds, Washington. "I have a great husband and great parents," says Dr Cindy. Her boys are her passion where being a good mom has taken over much of her life in the last five years. She goes on to say, "The support I have allows me to give back to the community, work a full schedule and have some time for myself. I can do all of this because of my support system." She loves to play tennis, swim and is an avid reader. "We all try very hard to live a balanced life, having time with the boys, time for some fun and exercise. Since we're all passionate and immersed in dentistry, it's good to have other interests to discuss."


Dr Cindy followed in the footsteps of her mother at a young age. "I was 9 years old when Dr Pat began at the University of Washington Dental School. I walked the halls of that dental school until I was 13 years old, and remember being in the lab with her, playing with wax models while she worked and studied. I had a sense of the dental school environment and I worked summers in her office. I suppose dentistry as a career path just came naturally to me."


When Dr Pat and Dr Cindy use warm and friendly words to describe their patients and peers, you know you're dealing with two very sincere and genuine people. There is no mistaking that their passion for people and dentistry has led them to a place where there desire is to provide excellent dental care beginning at the moment a patient first walks through the door of Brookside Dental. The front office staff is amazing and greet patients warmly. The comfortable lobby and reception area which is full of inviting, over sized, soft chairs, is the first phase of great care. "The home-grown multicolored dahlias amaze patients during the summer and fall months. We installed a fireplace for added coziness in the winter time." Assistants and hygienists do not call out names, but instead join the patients in the lobby with a personal greeting before taking them back to an operatory. Patients are never left alone and each operatory has a handmade blanket for a cozy touch. There is plenty of comfort for both adults and children. One room is dedicated to children's dentistry where the room is filled with stuffed animals, balloons and toys. "The kid's room is great, and we believe it encourages the whole family to feel at ease," says Dr Cindy. Practicing excellent dentistry is first and foremost, but their focus on patient relationships and service to the whole person--both physically and emotionally--is of the utmost importance. "Great dentistry is first and you have to give patients a reason to stay with you as their dentist. That is why you take care of the whole person.


Great customer service starts with a healthy office environment, which is created by happy employees. "We're a close team and we want this office to be a happy place, because we make a great investment in our staff." Patients notice this happy and cohesive atmosphere among the staff and doctors. We understand that people's lives change, but it is very heartbreaking when one of our staff move. However, we are always thrilled to welcome any new staff members as part of our team. Every day begins with a morning huddle to go over the up coming day's events and what to expect. That may be typical of many dental offices, but what's not typical is the evening roundup. Dentistry is an exhausting job, so pointing out individual strengths and team accomplishments is personally supportive and a great way to finish the day. It is nice to look back on the day and pat the backs of teammates for a job well done.


Their philosophy on marketing is simple. Our best marketers are our staff and patients. Our cosmetic dentistry website is great and very helpful also and brings in about 20% of our new patients. Additionally, being involved in the community has yielded a certain amount publicity for us in the newspapers, magazines, and television, which is wonderful, but these are not a marketing focus for us. They are a by-product that results from a job well done. At one point, we were experiencing a flood of new patients. We decided to fall back and limit the number of new patients that we would accept for a short time to make sure that we were able to take care of our existing patients in the manner that would give them excellent dental care. If we continue to take care of our core patients and do quality dentistry, we will continue to see many of their friends, relatives and associates as new patients. We have some patients that have been with us for decades--in fact Dr Pat's first two patients from 28 years ago are still with her. We try to find the positives to make people feel good about maintaining good oral health and hygiene. It is these positives that keep our patients coming back. This is the way to close the back door, so that people stay with you and not by the use of negatives and fears. Being the first mother-daughter dentist team in the area and having worked together for 18 years has given them a good deal of attention and recognition. They have given much back to the community and to the dental profession. Dr Cindy served four years as a committee member and then as Chairperson for the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference and currently serves as an officer on the Executive Council of the Seattle King Count Dental Society. she also taught restorative dentistry at the University of Washington School of Dentistry for 12 years and was twice selected by the students as the outstanding dental instructor. Dr Pat has served a delegate to the Washington State Dental Association and for several years was a member and Chairperson of the Foundation Board of Lake Washington Technical College, where she was instrumental in inception and formation of the Lake Washington Dental Hygiene School. Because of the dedication of Dr Cindy and Dr Pat to their community and to the dental profession, they received the prestigious 2005 Small Business of the Year Award from the Western Washington Better Business Bureau, as well as recently being given an A+ rating by this organization.


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