Mar 4, 2010



Bellevue Dentists at Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA, still have a strong demand for dental hygiene in their cosmetic dental spa. However, Dental Practice Marketing and Management Blog had a post by Julie Frey, February 9th, 2010, that stated One family dentist in three has cut their the working hours for their dental hygienists, because the slow economy is leaving less demand for dental hygiene services. Another 11% have reduced the number of dental hygienists they employ, and 5% have cut compensation.

How much hygienists are paid is an important decision for each dental office. "Upon doing a practice analysis, we found we overpaid our hygienist," said one dentist. "We paid out more in hourly wages plus benefits than we collected!" Another dentist stated, “Instead of any pay raises, we put our hygienists on a bonus system based on achieving a minimum daily production." “Hygiene is the fuel that feeds the fire," said one dentist in California. It is important to keep the hygiene recall system up to date and working well.

Although many dentists have indicated problems with keeping their hygiene schedules full, not all dentists are having similarly poor results with dental hygiene. Here’s more of what dentists have had to say about hygienists and appointments:

  • "Hygiene at our office, which has a dentist and a prosthodontist, has remained strong throughout this economy. We are very thankful." (Ohio Dentist)
  • “Our hygienist was paid salary and now she is paid hourly," said one doctor.
  • “We have not cut hours, but we have worked very hard at activating past due patients, with good success.” (General dentist)
  • “We have at least two cancellations in hygiene daily. Most tell us to reschedule later into the year. Others simply say they are not coming.” (Bermuda dentist)
  • “Hygiene is the one aspect of the practice that hasn't shown lower numbers. I'm glad we instituted a good recall systems several years ago.” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “We are seeing more no-shows, and some people are wanting to wait a year instead of 6 months for their next tooth cleaning.”
  • "If things slow down more, I will cut my dental hygentist days or time and do the dental hygiene myself.” (New York dentist) New dentists usually do their own hygiene cleanings.
  • “They (the hygienists) have to take on more responsibility.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • “We have a very periodontal oriented office. A lot of our patients that need three or four cleanings per year are switching themselves to twice a year for teeth cleaning. They only want what the dental insurance will cover.” (Utah dental office worker)
  • “The gross receipts were down about 1% last year, but our profits were slightly up.” (Pennsylvania dentist)
These varying results probably have to do with the local economy and other related local situations. Therefore, it is hard to draw any broad brush conclusions except to say that dental hygiene appointments are being pushed farther out or cancelled in certain areas, but in some areas the demand is the same or even stronger.

Mar 1, 2010



Men in general are able to acquire significantly attractive smiles with various Cosmetic Dentistry procedures. The men will have increased physical attractiveness resulting from Cosmetic Dental work, and most likely will become even more outgoing after altering or changing their smiles. Most likely their personal lives and work opportunities will improve. Often only a minor alteration, such as tooth whitening, needs to be done to improve a man's smile, while an extreme makeover can improve even an extremely poor appearing smile. This article shows several men and describes how their smiles were improved using Bellevue Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic work performed: Upper arch multiple Porcelain Veneers and lower arch Tooth Whitening Patient of Dr Cynthia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA

This article departs from most articles with photos related to Cosmetic Dentistry, because it does not show any photographs of beautiful women. Cosmetic surgery, beauty, and nutrition advertisements are generally aimed at women. Thus Cosmetic Dentists resort to the same thing in their advertising and websites by displaying women with beautiful smiles. These stunning smiles are one of the first things seen by a person. Again, it is the beautiful and stunning smiles that are one of the initial attractions for men and one of the major influences on how attractive a face is perceived. Trade magazines in the dental field, also exhibit beautiful smiles on women for the most part.

These men are all patients of Dr Cindy Pauley and Dr Patricia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA, that have had Cosmetic Dentistry completed within the last two years. They vary in age, but they all have very attractive smiles.

Cosmetic work performed: Upper arch multiple Porcelain Veneers and Crowns and lower arch Tooth Whitening Patient of Dr Cynthia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA

Cosmetic work performed: Upper arch Porcelain Crowns on lateral anterior teeth and general Tooth Whitening Patient of Dr Patricia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA

Recently, more and more men of all ages are having cosmetic surgery performed such as hair transplants, face lifts and tummy tucks. Like women, men also want to look handsome and more youthful. Not suprising, many men are having Cosmetic Dentistry performed in an effort to look better. Women and men both want to be more successful at work and in their personal life. It has been discussed that some surveys have indicated that attractive people have more success in life and business than other people.

Cosmetic work performed: Upper arch Multiple Porcelain Crowns and a Porcelain Crown on a Dental Implant to close a missing tooth space and lower arch Tooth Whitening Patient of Dr Patricia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA

Cosmetic work performed: Upper arch central Porcelain Crowns, general Tooth Whitening, and lower arch Cosmetic Tooth Movement for midline alignment Patient of Dr Patricia Pauley, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA

As always, this information is not in any way meant to replace a visit and examination by your own dentist. However, if you do not currently have a dentist, you may contact Bellevue Dentists, Dr Patricia Pauley or Dr Cynthia Pauley, to set up a dental exam. Both cosmetic doctors can be contacted at in Bellevue, WA, and additional information may be viewed at their Bellevue Cosmetic Dentistry website.