Jul 15, 2009



Dental Implants are changing how Bellevue Dentists are able to create beautiful new smiles for people. Dental bridges used to be the standard restorative dental treatment when a tooth or two was missing and they are still used in many instances. However, with dental implants, people are discovering they are more comfortable and natural feeling than bridges in many cases. Amazingly, dental implants can be used in large numbers and throughout the mouth often replacing the need for dentures or partial dentures. Dental Implants are giving people the confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. A person with implants regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that their teeth and smile appear natural and that their facial contours have been preserved.

Dental implants are an option to create new smiles for people with missing teeth, which can be put in place by your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist. Several different options are available in modern dentistry to patients with teeth that are missing. Dental implants can be used to replace either a single tooth or multiple teeth. The dental implant actually acts as an anchor to hold either a crown for single tooth replacement or a bridge for replacement of multiple teeth. The dental implants take the place of the roots that have been lost by the tooth or teeth. The implants are metallic titanium screws that are surgically imbedded into the jawbone where teeth are missing and can be placed in either the upper or lower jawbone, depending upon which tooth or teeth are missing. The bone grows around and bonds with the titanium screw to create a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will permanently attach special porcelain crowns to the dental implants after they are anchored securely into the bone of the jaw. Implants preserve more natural tooth structure than classical dental bridges that are physically attached onto adjacent healthy teeth that have been prepared to act as abutment anchors for the bridge by removing a considerable amount of the healthy tooth on each side of the dental bridge. In addition to restoring a natural appearance in the mouth, dental implants can help preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration and gum recession, which typically occur when teeth are missing.

Teeth may be lost from a variety of conditions or situations, such as tooth decay, trauma, injury, or gum disease. Regardless of the reason for the tooth loss, dental implants are very aesthetic and often feel and function much more like natural teeth than other type of tooth replacement such as traditional dentures or bridges. The dental implants help prevent bone loss and gum recession which may be seen when traditional bridges or dentures are used that do not have any anchoring support in the jawbone. If someone is missing a large number of teeth, multiple implants can be used to support either a partial denture or a full denture. In implant supported dentures, the integrity and shape of underlying jawbones are better preserved. There is a very high satisfaction rate among patients that receive dental implants. Some general dentists, such as Dr Brian Cave, have specialized training with dental implants. However, specialists such as an oral surgeon or a periodontist frequently are used for implant placement. Your Bellevue Dentist may work very closely with either an oral surgeon or a periodontist to insure that your implants and associated crowns and bridges are the best and most natural fit and function available to the patient. With proper materials, procedures, and patient care, dental implants should last your entire life.


  • Beautiful Smiles give an improved appearance, which is the most obvious advantage of using dental implants to help your smile look more natural and more youthful.
  • Comfortable Teeth because the implants are part of your jawbone after attachment is complete and there is not any discomfort such as that associated with removable partials or removable full dentures.
  • Natural Tooth Preservation because implants do not require that the crowns on them need to be physically anchored onto adjacent healthy teeth as three or four unit bridges do.
  • Cost Effective due to the fact that adjacent healthy teeth do not need to be cut, prepared and restored as is done with three or four unit bridges.
  • Long-lasting Beauty because dental implants are very durable and should last for many years with the same oral care as that of natural teeth and other dental restorations.
  • Improved Oral Health because individual dental implants allow very easy access between the natural teeth and the implant supported crowns.
  • Speech Improvement occurs because the implants do not slip as occurs during speech with improperly fitted removable full dentures.
  • Eating Improvement occurs because sliding or moving dentures make it difficult to chew properly and you can eat all of your favorite foods, vegetables, and fruits without any concerns.
  • New Image and Self-esteem can accompany your successful implant supported teeth, because you should have a new radiance to your smile and a better overall self-confidence.
  • Reliability and Success Rate of dental implants is very high which makes their usage very predictable and reliable with a long-term implant retention rate of approximately 97%.


Optimum success for Dental Implant placement requires good general and oral-health as prerequisites, the same as with any type of surgical procedure. The jaw should have adequate bone levels to support the implant once it is anchored in place and the patient's gum tissues should be disease free. If you do not have adequate jawbone structure or healthy gum tissue, you will need to have graft surgery performed by either an oral surgeon or a periodontist to increase the bone or gum tissue in the area where the dental implant will be located.

If you are interested in a consultation to discuss dental implants with one of the cosmetic dentists at Brookside Dental in Bellevue, WA, please call 425-643-2818 or email our office at info@brooksidedental.com.


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