May 24, 2010




Dr Cindy Pauley, Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist, was elected the new President of the Seattle-King County Dental Society (SKCDS) ( in April 2010. She served as Secretary of SKCDS for 1 year and then as a member of the SKCDS Executive Council for 8 years, during which time she was a delegate to the Washington State Dental Association for two terms. During her time on the Executive Council, she is most proud of her involvement on projects to help the underserved citizens of King County. Currently, she is involved with projects that include “The Northwest Kidney Foundation” and SKCDS Dentists working together to take care of the dentistry needs of kidney transplant candidates to assist them to get on the list for new kidneys. Dr Cindy recently has written two articles for the SKCDS Quarterly titled, and “­­­ The Beginnings of Something Great: A Joint Effort to Support Kidney Patients” (2008) and “A Morning with Medical Teams International” (2010). These articles detail two of the projects involving SKCDS dentists’ efforts to bring dental services to underserved citizens. The mission statement of SKCDS is, “We are behind every smile in King County” and Dr Cindy Pauley, a Bellevue Dentist, is actively pursuing that goal. She has been a Bellevue and Seattle Area Dentist since graduating from dental school at the University of the Pacific in 1992.

Since its founding in 1892, the Seattle-King County Dental Society ( has promoted the highest levels of oral health for the citizens of King County and provided critical support and educational opportunities for the many dental professionals practicing in the County. The overview page of SKCDS provides more information about resources we provide to the general public and dental health professionals. The Seattle-King County Dental Society is a membership organization of approximately 1,700 dentists practicing in King County, Washington, that is a component society of the Washington State Dental Association ( and the American Dental Association ( The Seattle-King County Dental Foundation, established in 1992, works closely with the Society to provide access to dental care for the underserved citizens of King County. The Foundation also supports dental educational programs for members of the public and for healthcare professionals.

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