Jul 14, 2011



Bellevue Dentists, Dr Brian Cave and Dr Cynthia Pauley, since being featured in Seattle Met Magazine, have been very busy doing many new things at Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA. They have remodeled all of the eight dental operatories with new equipment, new fixtures and furniture. Additionally, they put in new modern stations for all of the new dental equipment. We will have some photos of all the new features to post shortly and most likely a video showing the new dentistry features. The patients have indicated how comfortable and modern the redone dentistry operatories are at our Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist facility. We will continue to add features that have a positive effect for our patients both in terms of their comfort and better technology to deliver excellent state of the art dentistry.


The reception area will have some minor changes in the near future with new carpet and new overstuffed chairs to replace the ones currently in this area for patient comfort. In a future blog post, we will discuss our new digital x-ray system that has been installed in all of the eight dentistry operatories. Also, we will be discussing our new cancer detection equipment, the Velscope VX. In the future, we also will discuss in detail our launch of Invisalign clear braces without any metal for aligning and straightening teeth, which will replace the use of Hawley Appliances which we have used successfully many years to cosmetically move teeth at our Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist office.


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