Apr 23, 2013

Coffee May Help Combat Mouth and Throat Cancer

Coffee May Help Combat Mouth and Throat Cancer

Bellevue Dentists recently discussed the association of risk of oral cancers lowered with coffee drinking in certain situations. They discussed how drinking more than 4 cups of caffeinated coffee a day could reduce your risk of dying from mouth and throat cancer. Information was excerpted from the American Journal of Epidemiology (J. Hildebrand, 2012, American Journal of Epidemiology). It indicated that those people that drink over 4 cups of coffee per day had their risk cut in half compared to those people who either did not drink coffee or who only occasionally drink it. This study doesn’t mean that you should immediately increase your amount of coffee consumption. Although, it should represent positive information for those people who already are drinking a large amount of coffee each day.  

Early Detection Important with Oral Cancer

Early signs of cancer developing can sometimes be spotted during routine dental check-ups by dentists and dental hygienists. Therefore it is very important to visit your dentist every 6-12 months. Brookside Dental recently mentioned that dentists might be able to assist in early lip cancer detection in a blog post and also how potential protection against lip cancer might occur because of the caffeine in coffee. The latter may occur by helping block the harmful effects of the sun on the lips.

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